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Team Manual

Official Team Manual (2018/2019 & 2019/2020 League Years)

Team Manual

Official Rule Booklet (2018/2019 & 2019/2020 League Years)

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Official Team Manual (2016/2017 & 2017/2018 League Years)

Team Manual

Official Rule Booklet (2016/2017 & 2017/2018 League Years)

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Division Playoffs

Weekly fees must be current for any team to enter in the division playoffs and or Tri-Cups.  Teams are responsible for weekly fees during division playoffs. The League year is comprised of three sessions: Summer, Fall and Spring. At the end of each Session, teams compete in the End of Session Playoffs. In most instances, depending on the number of teams in the Division, the 1st place team in points does not play in playoffs and advances to the Tri-Cup. This rewards the 1st place team with essentially two (BYES) since they are exempt from the two playoff rounds.

Division Playoffs Qualification

Divisions with 12 or more teams:

·         Overall points winner automatically qualifies for Tri-Cups

·         2nd-6th place teams and 1 Wild Card team will qualify for playoffs.

·         The highest point team and division playoff winner will qualify for the Tri-Cup


Divisions with 6-12 teams:

·         Overall point s winner automatically qualifies for Tri-Cups

·         2nd-4th place teams and 1 Wild Card team will qualify for playoffs.

·         Overall Point winner and the playoff winners will qualify for the Tri Cup.

·         Playoff teams will only play 1 playoff match

Divisions with 5 or less teams:

·         No playoffs. Top point team will qualify for Tri Cups.


In a situation where the session ends with tied teams and exceeds the number of earned slots, then the tied teams will go through the tie breaking process to establish ranking and there will not be a wildcard drawing for the extra slots.  If a team is already qualified for the Local Team Championships and wins Tri Cups then the qualification will go to the next highest team logically.  An extra match may be played if a playoff is necessary to determine the next highest team logically.

If a team earns a spot in the session playoffs, they are required to participate in the playoffs. If the team chooses not to participate, the team is still responsible for paying the applicable team fees and green fees due for the session playoffs. The team is also subject to lose any qualification for higher level tournament by not showing up or “throwing league matches or playoff matches are subject to suspension from the league as it will be considered an attempt to manipulate handicaps by not playing or running up innings. If a team does not show up for the session playoffs, another team may be scheduled to complete the playoff round at the league operator’s discretion.



Players Playoff Eligibility

·         New players must play six matches during the session before participating in playoffs.

·         Established players must play a total of four matches.


Qualifications to the local team championships are given at the League Operators discretion for sportsmanship and good, solid play.  The League Operator reserves the right to revoke a team qualification, if necessary.



Tri cups are held as a next-step after playoffs for team advancement to the LTC.  They are considered an early round of the LTCs and help keep the LTCs to a manageable size.  Teams can earn spots into Tri-Cup in 2 ways.

·         How do you qualify?

·         Finish 1st in Overall Points in your division and you qualify for Tri Cups and these teams get a 1st round bye.

·         Win your 1st match in the playoffs or finish in the last 2 teams in Division Playoffs and you will qualify for Tri Cups.

·         Tri-Cups Playoffs are made up of teams from all divisions. The 1st round of the tournament consists of playoff teams. All overall points champions will get a 1st round bye.  The 1st round is single elimination. After the 1st round the tournament turns into a double elimination and played out until we are down to 8 teams.

·         Those 8 teams will qualify for the LTC’s for a trip to Las Vegas.

·         Tri Cups will take place on a Saturday and Sunday.

·         8 ball will be played on one weekend and 9 ball will be played the following weekend.

·         We will run the Tri Cups within the  1st 4 weeks of the following session.

·         Once a team qualifies for the Ltc’s they will have to play in playoffs and Tri Cups in all future session if you are qualified for LTC’s already.

·          If a LTC qualified team wins a 2nd or 3rd Tri Cup they are put in  the drawing before LTC’s for any bye spots in the tournament. 

·         If your team makes it to the Tri Cups and gets beat by a LTC qualified team then your team will possibly get an automatic spot in the LTC’s. We will go down the list and qualify the next highest session ending team.

·         Awards will be awarded to all Tri Cup winners

·         All Tri Cup qualified teams must remain active in the next session and keep at least 4 original players from the qualified team to remain active as a team.

·         All players qualified for Tri Cups or LTC’s must remain active in the league to be eligible to play in the Tri cups.

·         Players can still switch teams at the end of the session, All teams can also make any changes to their team. If a player plays with their original team they qualified with in the new session, they can still change teams in the 1st 4 weeks. But they cannot switch to a team within the same division. 

·         Your team in playoffs, Tri cups or LTC’s will consist of all of the players from the session you just played.

·         Only overall points winners or teams that win Tri Cups more than one time will be eligible to draw for byes in the LTC’s.



Tri-Cup Eligibility

·         New players (members with less than 20 lifetime matches at the beginning of a session) must play six matches during the session before participating in Tri-Cups. Keep in mind. At the end of the Spring Session all players must have at least 10 matches played to be eligible for LTC’s.

·         Established players must play a total of four matches.

·         Your roster can change at the end of the session. You do not have to keep your same team after the end of a session to play in Tri-Cups. You must keep 4 original players on your roster to stay qualified for Tri-Cups. Your end of session roster will still be your Tri-Cup roster. No new additions will be allowed to play in the Tri-Cup. All Tri-Cup qualified players must be on an active roster to play in the Tri-Cups. Players cannot drop out of the league and still play in the Tri-Cups.


Local Team Championships

The Local Team Championships is an areas highest level team tournament.  The winners of this tournament advance to the National Team Championships held in Las Vegas.  Once a team has qualified for the LTCs, it must remain active for the remainder of the league year.  A team that qualifies from the summer session must continue to play through the fall and spring sessions.  A team that qualifies from the fall session must continue to play during the spring session.  Once a team qualifies, it must remain in the top 50% of its division standings or it may lose its eligibility at the League Operators discretion. Your Spring session roster will be your LTC roster. All players who are qualified for the LTC’s or Tri Cups must be on an active roster to compete in the LTC’s or Tri Cups. Players cannot drop out of the league and still play in the Local Team Championships or Tri Cups.