Saturday, March 24th
Shooters Billiards
10am Start Time
Entry Fee is $120 per team.
Teams may field only 3 players per team with total combined skill levels of 15 points or less. A player’s highest SL between formats, 8-Ball & 9-Ball, must be used toward the 15-point rule.
Only ONE player, of a SL 6 or higher, sometimes referred to as a senior skill level player, may be fielded in any specific team match.
In each round, a coin flip will determine which team declares their players first. That team will then list 3 players in ascending SL order (lowest to highest) to determine the player rotation for that entire match. The opposing team will then list their players in SL order.
The first two players will LAG for the break. They will then play a rack of 8-Ball. The next set of players in the rotation will play a rack of 9-Ball then the third set will play a rack of 8-Ball. Once started, the winning team of each rack will then break with the player who is next in their rotation.
Each rack is worth ONE point. The rotation of players and game format will continue until a team reaches the required points needed to be declared the winner.
Total points needed to win will be determined by the “Games Must Win Chart”. This chart is based on the total of the SLs of the three players being fielded. • Coaching is limited to only ONE time-out per player per rack. However, competing players can discuss strategy with their team members until it’s their turn at the table. Their turn starts when their opponent misses. Teams misusing this privilege will be PENALIZED. At least ONE team will advance to our APA Team Captain Championship held in Las Vegas. More than one team will advance IF additional slots are available.
This event will be done in 1 day. It will be a Single Modified Elimination tournament. Winning team will get airfare for all 3 players covered and 1 room at the Westgate Hotel and Casino. We are excited to offer this tournament to all of our Captains. Only Captains of our 8 and 9 Sunday-Wednesday teams are eligible for this event. Ladies, Masters and Doubles teams will not count. This is a National Rule.