Every session we award MVP Awards to the top players out of each division in both 8 and 9 Ball. 
We also invite the to 10 players from each division in 8 and 9 ball to the Top Gun tournament that is held during the following session. You must be on an active team to play in the MVP Tournament.
 Winners will earn qualification into the Spring Regional and trophies
You don't want to miss out on this tournament.  
The following skill levels brackets in each division will win the Top Gun Award each session!
Skill Level 2-3
Skill Level 4-5
Skill Level 6-7
Skill Level 1-3
Skill Level 4-5
Skill Level 6-9 



We will hold 3 tournaments for the MVP Tournament.
$20 entry for all players
Winners will Qualify for Regionals and win a trophy 
Skill Level 3 and under
Skill Level 4-5
Skill Level 6 and up
All matches will be played using the APA race chart that we use on a weekly basis.
Brackets will be set up with you playing players closest to your ranking to begin the tournament.
Any player who wins at least 2 matches in this event will be eligible to buy their spot into the Regional.