April 2019
Shooters Billiards
11am Start Time
Entry Fee is $30 per player
Only Captains of our 8 and 9 Sunday-Wednesday teams are eligible for this event. Ladies, Masters and Doubles teams will not count. This is a National Rule.
To be ELIGIBLE for our Vegas APA Team Captain Championship, a player must have completed at
least TWO sessions as a TC of a standard 8-Ball or 9-Ball team. Summer session 2019 will count as a 2nd session this 1st year. They must also have at least TWENTY
scores in 8-Ball, or 9-Ball, by the date of our Team Captain Vegas Qualifier.
Our Captains Championship is a SINGLES tourney which is broken down into three SL tiers.
Tier A: SL 2-3 Tier B: SL 4-5 Tier C: SL 6-7 (8-9)
Players will play in the tier that represents their HIGHEST SL between 8-Ball and
9-Ball. If you are a SL 5 in 8-Ball and a SL 6 in 9-Ball, you will play in Tier C.
Match races will be determined by the provided GAMES MUST WIN CHART.
Each rack is worth ONE point and the game format will rotate between 8-Ball
and 9-Ball after each rack.
In each round, players will LAG to determine who breaks the first game. They
will then play ONE rack of 8-Ball. The winner will break again but the game will
now be ONE rack of 9-Ball. Sinking the 9-Ball on the break or after a good hit
will win the rack. Winner of this rack will break again but the game will now be
ONE rack of 8-Ball. The game format will continue to rotate until a player has
reached the required points needed to be declared the winner.
All entry fees will become part of the Travel Assistance monies for the team(s) who advance, from our TC Vegas Qualifier, to compete
in the APA Team Captain Championship held in Las Vegas in August.
The number of players from each bracket, who advance to our TC Vegas Qualifier, will be
determined by the number of players who competed in that specific bracket.
In our Team Captain Vegas Qualifier, the top qualified players from each tier from our Roster
Rumbles will be divided into teams of 3 players each whose combined SLs will total 15 points or less.
We need all of our Skill Level 4 and under players to come out and play in this event.
We will send 1 team to Vegas to compete in the Team Captain's Championship. 3-4 players depending on participation will advance to Vegas. Each team will get have rooms, airfare and entry fees will be covered. https://heartoftexas.apaleagues.com/Uploads/heartoftexas/2018-Team-Captains-Championship-Rules-for-Participation.pdf