2018 Waco Spring Regional
Clicks Billiards
March 3rd and 4th
We will be holding a Raffle for a Custom Lucasi Cue or a Jacoby Cue.
Tickets Will Be $5 for 1 or 3 for $10.
Good Luck This Weekend!
Clicks Now Has A Full Kitchen So There Is Not Outside Food Allowed. 
All players must register at least 1 hour before your 1st match. We will hold an early Registration on Friday between 5-7pm for those of you who want to Register Early. 
If you are currently a higher skill level than what the sheet shows, you must certify at the higher level.  
We will be playing on all 17 tables the 1st 2 round of both 8 and 9 Ball. 
We will drop down to 13 tables that we usually do at the 1pm round.
Players will not be allowed to sit down the middle bar until the 1pm round. Please be considerate of players if they are in matches.
Please don't walk in front of players if they are down on shots. 
8-Ball Brackets
Blue Tier Skill Level 2-3-/Uploads/heartoftexas/BLUE TIER 12-1.pdf 
9-Ball Brackets
Green Tier Skill Level 1-3-/Uploads/heartoftexas/GREEN TIER 16-1.pdf